Morrissey got called out for wearing leather shoes during an interview for The Smiths Album, “Meat Is Murder”, back in the ‘80s.  I was in college back then, and remember feeling bad for him. They made my hero look like a hypocrite. We should be compassionate, but we have to look good as well. Sorry cows.   At least that’s the way I felt back then.  But, that was another lifetime, before my vegan conversion. Twenty years later, I finally stopped eating meat, but I still…Continue Reading “Top 10 Vegan Shoes if You’re Cool”

My 80 year old vegan mom has an amazing amount of energy;  she cares for my four year old, Luna, like it was nothing. She is so great with Luna that I started to take her for granted.  Until she took a week off and headed for Santa Barbara, leaving me in charge, I will never take her for granted again. My week with Luna was going well. Monday we went to the beach. Tuesday we went to the beach. Wednesday, we were going to…Continue Reading “Amazing Grandma”

Three reasons to avoid wool Wool is cruel Wool sounds OK, but it’s not. It does not come from an innocent a sheep haircut. Sheep suffer their whole lives on factory farms for your sweater. When they get older, sheep naturally start producing less wool, so it is no longer cost-effective for their “owners” to keep them. Do you think that they set these older sheep free to live out the remains of their lives in peace and tranquility? They kill them. Wool hurts the…Continue Reading “Wool is Not Cool”

Even if you don’t like the taste, the coconut is still the world’s best nut. That’s a pretty bold statement considering the competition, cashews, macadamias, almond, walnuts and pistachios – all glorious nuts in their own right. However, the coconut is superior to all the others for reasons beyond your belly. It is that useful. Cut a coconut in half, get some string and you are just a grass skirt away from a luau. Good luck doing that with any other nut. Seriously, the real magic of the coconut is not the shell, but rather…Continue Reading “The Coconut, Nice!”

In case you missed my first post entitled “How to Live a Lie and Love it” let me get you up to speed. I was your typical meat eating, leather wearing, narcissistic numbnuts (you may know the type because they’re everywhere.) until one night I met a beautiful vegan, and, in an attempt to ingratiate myself with her, I told her that I was vegan as well. This was an outrageous lie, but for a chance with this beauty, I had to pretend. I met her on a Saturday. On Monday morning, I was telling the story to the guys at work. The response…Continue Reading “Coming Out”

I’m vegan, and people always ask me why. Some vegans are raised that way. Others made a conscious decision to become vegan because of compassion for animals and concern for our environment. There are some inspirational stories out there. Mine is not one of them. I became a vegan because I’m a liar. That’s the truth. I’m not lying about vegan. It is just that it started out with a lie. One fateful night back in September of 2011. The ink had just barely dried on my divorce papers, and I was back on the market.  As I approached a bar,…Continue Reading “How to Live a Lie and Love it – Top 3 Reasons to be Vegan”