In case you missed my first post entitled “How to Live a Lie and Love it” let me get you up to speed. I was your typical meat eating, leather wearing, narcissistic numbnuts (you may know the type because they’re everywhere.) until one night I met a beautiful vegan, and, in an attempt to ingratiate myself with her, I told her that I was vegan as well. This was an outrageous lie, but for a chance with this beauty, I had to pretend. I met her on a Saturday. On Monday morning, I was telling the story to the guys at work. The response…Continue Reading “Coming Out”

I’m vegan, and people always ask me why. Some vegans are raised that way. Others made a conscious decision to become vegan because of compassion for animals and concern for our environment. There are some inspirational stories out there. Mine is not one of them. I became a vegan because I’m a liar. That’s the truth. I’m not lying about vegan. It is just that it started out with a lie. One fateful night back in September of 2011. The ink had just barely dried on my divorce papers, and I was back on the market.  As I approached a bar,…Continue Reading “How to Live a Lie and Love it – Top 3 Reasons to be Vegan”