After living in The OC (Orange County, California, just south of Los Angeles) for nearly 30 years, I recently moved to Portland, Oregon. The OC was nice for several reasons; the weather, the beaches, and the abundant free parking come to mind.  But, it was time to move on; as nice as it was, I just couldn’t see spending the rest of my life there. Not because it’s too fake; I’m pretty fake myself, so that was never a problem for me. And not because…Continue Reading “Change of Address”

As a parent, we want the best for our children.   Mostly, we want them to be happy. We can’t buy them happiness, although it may be fun to try.   Some people would even say that it is impossible to make someone else happy because it is a state of mind that you control for yourself.   Sometimes we get in the way of our own happiness. For example, poor nutrition can lead to poor health, which puts a dent in your happiness. I don’t know much,…Continue Reading “Existentialism and Learning to Love Tofu”

I have been called a narcissist.  And yes, I care about myself way more than I care about things that are not me – like other people, never mind animals.  I don’t want animals to suffer, but I come first. I never think about cows, probably because I’ve never even seen one.  So, it is easy for me to disassociate and pretend a hamburger is not a cow.    So clearly,  I didn’t go vegan for compassion to animals, actually I became vegan to impress…Continue Reading “Finally Some Real Reasons to go Vegan”

So, this happened.  A work buddy offered me a slice of pizza and I said, “No, Thank you”. He looked at me like I am nuts and said, “Why the hell not, dude?”   “I’m vegan, dude”, I answered, bracing myself for the  questions that were sure to follow. “Dude, what about Chicken?” he asked folding two pizza slices together and shoving them in his mouth, as if to emphasize his carnivorous ways. “Dude, a  chicken is a bird, a bird is an animal, therefore…Continue Reading “Do you eat honey?”

“What are you going to write about baby?” asked my vegan wife. I was just starting a new post as Herby Var, my alter ego, a loose cannon who sometimes I can’t control, “The title is Judgement Ass Vegans,” I answered, “and that’s all I really have so far”. “We should be compassionate, accepting, tolerant”, my vegan wife started in, “and also non-judgmental”.  I giggled a little because she lost me with non-judgemental.  “Baby, you’re all of those things,” I said.  We both know that…Continue Reading “Judgment Ass Vegans”

California offers an endless summer, and nothing says summer like the beach.  You can enjoy the beach year round, and it doesn’t cost a dime. It is the place to be, so avoid it at all costs.  Here’s why: Sunburn The sun gives you skin cancer and will kill you.  Worse, the sun can give you wrinkles. Be safe. Stay inside this summer.  And don’t bother with sunscreen because it’is expensive and messy. Kids always pitch a fit when you try to put it on…Continue Reading “Herby’s Top Ten + 1 Reasons to Avoid the Beach”

Many of us grew up believing that eating meat was important to our health: that it made us strong, and macho.  What a marketing job. Wake up people. If you want to be strong, healthy, and beautiful, then be a beaner, not a cowboy.   Here are 10 reasons  why: 1. Beans have as much protein as beef They both have 24 grams per serving (serving =100 grams).  That’s plenty of protein, but let’s not get all crazy about protein consumption. We need protein, but…Continue Reading “Beaners Defeat Cowboys”

My 80 year old vegan mom has an amazing amount of energy;  she cares for my four year old, Luna, like it was nothing. She is so great with Luna that I started to take her for granted.  Until she took a week off and headed for Santa Barbara, leaving me in charge, I will never take her for granted again. My week with Luna was going well. Monday we went to the beach. Tuesday we went to the beach. Wednesday, we were going to…Continue Reading “Amazing Grandma”

Three reasons to avoid wool Wool is cruel Wool sounds OK, but it’s not. It does not come from an innocent a sheep haircut. Sheep suffer their whole lives on factory farms for your sweater. When they get older, sheep naturally start producing less wool, so it is no longer cost-effective for their “owners” to keep them. Do you think that they set these older sheep free to live out the remains of their lives in peace and tranquility? They kill them. Wool hurts the…Continue Reading “Wool is Not Cool”

Even if you don’t like the taste, the coconut is still the world’s best nut. That’s a pretty bold statement considering the competition, cashews, macadamias, almond, walnuts and pistachios – all glorious nuts in their own right. However, the coconut is superior to all the others for reasons beyond your belly. It is that useful. Cut a coconut in half, get some string and you are just a grass skirt away from a luau. Good luck doing that with any other nut. Seriously, the real magic of the coconut is not the shell, but rather…Continue Reading “The Coconut, Nice!”