Leather is primitive and not a good fabric, unless you’re a caveman and that’s all you have. Kill an animal, skin it, and wear the fur.  Okay caveman, nice work. But, we have learned to grow cotton and weave fabric, why did we continue to use leather?   Leather is marketed as a luxury item; It’s luxury for idiots. It is expensive, which makes sense because there are a lot of costs associated with producing leather, you know – cow killing.  But, other than the…Continue Reading “100% Leather, 100% NO”

Morrissey got called out for wearing leather shoes during an interview for The Smiths Album, “Meat Is Murder”, back in the ‘80s.  I was in college back then, and remember feeling bad for him. They made my hero look like a hypocrite. We should be compassionate, but we have to look good as well. Sorry cows.   At least that’s the way I felt back then.  But, that was another lifetime, before my vegan conversion. Twenty years later, I finally stopped eating meat, but I still…Continue Reading “Top 10 Vegan Shoes if You’re Cool”