Existentialism and Learning to Love Tofu

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As a parent, we want the best for our children.   Mostly, we want them to be happy. We can’t buy them happiness, although it may be fun to try.   Some people would even say that it is impossible to make someone else happy because it is a state of mind that you control for yourself.   Sometimes we get in the way of our own happiness. For example, poor nutrition can lead to poor health, which puts a dent in your happiness.

I don’t know much, as my readers will attest, but I do know this: health and happiness are directly related.  My wife is the smart one; she has a masters in nutrition and has made the family vegan. A vegan diet prevents cancer, strokes and heart attacks – cool.  

That’s probably enough reason to go vegan. Throw in compassion for animals and your nearly there.  But, what if I told you that a vegan diet is the cure for the common cold? I feel like I’m trying to sell you something.  Seriously though, we never get colds and we don’t even own a hand sanitizer. Either we are super lucky, super human, or it’s our diet; I am guessing that it’s the diet, because although I do consider myself lucky, trust me, I am not superhuman. Choosing the stairs instead of the elevator is about as super human as I get.

Our vegan child, Luna, is 4 years old and has never been sick a day in her life.  This is not to say that she has never been sick at all, she has had maybe two colds, but neither one of them has lasted for 24 hours, so technically she has never been sick a day in her life, maybe only 16 hours cumulative.  Also, once she threw up, but that was after we were playing helicopter and I had spun her around like a helicopter, perhaps a little too much like a helicopter.

What is health really? If you’re not sick you’re healthy, right?  Healthy is the default setting. But, what about your energy level?  Are you really healthy if you feel tired all the time? Health doesn’t just mean the absence of disease, rather health means feeling good. A big part of feeling good is having energy.  

My vegan child has so much energy.  By energy, I don’t mean that she’s bouncing off the walls like she has ADHD.  Rather, she has stamina; she can focus on a story as well as swim the length off the pool, although not at the same time.  She never naps or gets cranky. She has so much good focus and stamina and I believe it is her vegan diet – or maybe it’s the adderall (just kidding).

Despite all this excellent health and energy, her room is still a mess.  Sometimes I call her hurricane Luna. But, I really don’t care about the state of her room; I care about the state of her mind, her spirit, and her well being.  In other words, as long as she is healthy and happy then I ‘m good.

It sounds simple, but health and happiness are elusive.

What is the answer? I don’t know.  What is my point? I haven’t got one. Seldom, do I have a point to make, and, when I do, I usually talk myself out of it as I’m making it. And when I have the answer to something it is because I have copied it from someone else somewhere.  

So. here is an answer that I have copied: vegan = healthy=happy.  

Now, enjoy this picture of Luna, age 4




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