Wool is Not Cool

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Three reasons to avoid wool
Wool is cruel

Wool sounds OK, but it’s not. It does not come from an innocent a sheep haircut. Sheep suffer their whole lives on factory farms for your sweater. When they get older, sheep naturally start producing less wool, so it is no longer cost-effective for their “owners” to keep them. Do you think that they set these older sheep free to live out the remains of their lives in peace and tranquility? They kill them.

Wool hurts the environment

It is better to grow plants like cotton directly because it takes way more resources, like land and water, to grow grain to grow animals to exploit for our clothes.  

What about old wool? A lot of people like to buy recycled wool garments because it’s easier on the environment than producing new fabric, and the money they spend does not go to support further exploitation of sheep. They feel that it is socially responsible.  But, it sends the wrong message: that wool is cool. It is not. Buy recycled vintage hipster cotton garments instead. Once all the recycled cotton garments are sold out, we can revisit this issue.

Wool is too itchy.  

This last reason is selfish and has nothing to do with compassion for animals or helping the environment, but it is still a good reason for avoiding wool. Wear cotton because it looks just as good and is way more comfortable.  

Let’s just stop wearing wool. It’s mean to the sheep, bad for the environment, and too itchy.  





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