Top 10 Vegan Shoes if You’re Cool

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Morrissey got called out for wearing leather shoes during an interview for The Smiths Album, “Meat Is Murder”, back in the ‘80s.  I was in college back then, and remember feeling bad for him. They made my hero look like a hypocrite. We should be compassionate, but we have to look good as well. Sorry cows.   At least that’s the way I felt back then.  But, that was another lifetime, before my vegan conversion.

Twenty years later, I finally stopped eating meat, but I still wore leather.  I was shopping online and found a pair of Bruno Magli suede loafers, size 13, marked down from $400 to $90.  

“Baby, I found a great deal on some sweet loafers,” I said to my vegan wife.

“Are they vegan?” asked my vegan wife

“They’re like 300% off; why do have to ruin everything?” I said pushing the submit order button.

I wore those cow skins on my feet for about two years, and nobody ever said anything except “nice shoes, dude”.  But, we are moving from the OC to Portland so it is time for me to get real.



They’re comfy, still in good shape, and off they go.

Bye Felicia

Now, the real fun, I get to buy new shoes to replace the old ones I just tossed. The good news is that there a lot of vegan shoes out there. Let me share  my findings with you.  

Here are 13 of note, 10 cool ones and 3 to avoid, in no particular order


Tom gives a lot of his shoes away.   That’s enough to make them cool , even if you don’t like the way that they look, wear them for what they reprsent.

Sanuk Vagabond

They are cool with or without socks; they used to come in plaid, which was the coolest.

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

To perfect this look, carry a skateboard around even if you don’t skate.

Jack Purcell Black

With black socks, plaid shorts, and an “Eat Like you Give a Damn”  t-shirt , hip beyond hip.

Jack Purcell White

Your feet will probably hurt from these primitive shoes, which premiered in the 1930s.  It’s worth it. Rock them sock-less if you’re really brave

Etnies Vegan Jameson HT Ryan Lay

With black socks, Dickies shorts, and a Blazer’s snapback, yep

Old $4 Navy flip-flops

Leave them on the sand when you go in the water, and nobody will steal them because they’re $4

Dr. Marten Vegan 1460

Recently, I was at the museum-like Dr. Martin’s store in the Haight (SF) and, as a vegan, I was bitter because the shoes were off limits to me. It almost ruined my whole hippie vibe,  until now.

Adidas  Adilette Slides

Trust me, where them with white  socks.This is what the swimmers at Cal used to wear to class in the 80’s, let’s honor them.

Black Chucks

An American Icon, used to be #1, but make sure you get the canvas ones. They make these in leather now, which angers me.

Three to avoid


They’re so practical! You can rinse them off with a garden hose and they’re as good as new.  Bonus – they’re so ugly the function as birth control.


Iconic, they look like they were worn at Woodstock,  should have been left there.  Hippie, no!

Toe Shoes

Lightweight, ergonomic,scientifically designed to replicate barefoot walking and strengthen your toes, probably prevent planters fasciitis, blah blah blah I don’t care they’re so ugly they should be illegal.

That’s my list.  There are probably a few other cool vegan styles out there, go find them and leave those  cows alone.







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