The Coconut, Nice!

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Even if you don’t like the taste, the coconut is still the world’s best nut. That’s a pretty bold statement considering the competition, cashews, macadamias, almond, walnuts and pistachios  all glorious nuts in their own right. However, the coconut is superior to all the others for reasons beyond your belly. It is that useful. Cut a coconut in half, get some string and you are just a grass skirt away from a luau. Good luck doing that with any other nut.

Seriously, the real magic of the coconut is not the shell, but rather its oil, which is extracted from the meat of the coconut. By the way, I don’t recommend buying a coconut and extracting the oil yourself because it’s too much work: this isn’t Gilligan’s Island. You can buy coconut oil in a jar like a civilized person. Try Nutiva (available on Amazon).

Throughout history, ladies in the know have used coconut oil as an integral part of their beauty regimen. Cleopatra comes to mind, and she knew what she was doing  remember history?

Gentlemen, if you notice a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom, it isn’t there for frying chicken. It’s part of your lady’s beauty routine. Take note and follow her lead. She uses it for shaving her legs because it leaves them soft and supple.

Use it on your face. It will give you the best shave of your life regardless of that cheap razor you use. And after the best shave of your life, there is no need for aftershave or moisturizer. The coconut oil has got it all covered for you, all of it. 

Maybe you don’t want to shave your face with coconut oil, and have a good reason, like you have a beard, a beautiful beard. Put the coconut oil on your beautiful beard, and it will become even more so. While you’re at it, put some on your hair as well, for the same reason. If you’re bald, stop hiding under a hat, put coconut oil on the top of your head to moisturize, prevent sunburn, and rock that look. 

Once you own a jar of coconut oil and experience it for yourself, you will come up your own creative ways to use it: heal your tattoos with it, use it to break in your shoes, even brush your teeth with it. Just don’t do it all at the same time, of course. All of this is legit and has been done for hundreds of years, and it all works well, better than the commercial products that you now use. I know from personal experience. 

I hope I don’t sound like some snake oil salesman. Maybe you have never heard from such a coconut enthusiast, but the truth is the coconut is the world’s best nut, even if you don’t eat it, the oil is that useful. I’d explain the science behind it, but I’m not a nerd (my way of saying I’m not that smart). All I know, is that people have done it for hundreds of years, so don’t trust me, trust them, or better still; try it out for yourself. There is no economic motivation here; I don’t secretly own a coconut plantation, just trying to help.

Try it.  

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