How to Live a Lie and Love it – Top 3 Reasons to be Vegan

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I’m vegan, and people always ask me why. Some vegans are raised that way. Others made a conscious decision to become vegan because of compassion for animals and concern for our environment. There are some inspirational stories out there. Mine is not one of them. I became a vegan because I’m a liar. That’s the truth.
I’m not lying about vegan. It is just that it started out with a lie.

One fateful night back in September of 2011. The ink had just barely dried on my divorce papers, and I was back on the market.  As I approached a bar, there was a song playing that I did not like, so I loitered outside and had a smoke. Up walked a beautiful woman who was (thank goodness) drunk to tell me that smoking is bad. I immediately flung my cigarette into the night air.

I was trying to get her to like me and floundering. Then I heard her say “blah, blah, blah I’m vegan”, and I said “OMG me too. Which was a complete lie. But, it’s the best lie I have ever told, even though she didn’t believe me.
Ever heard the expression, “fake it ‘till you make it”? That’s what I did, eating stuff like lentils, hummus and tofu. I even stopped wearing leather. Soon, the lie became true.

Still, lying is bad, and I should have been punished for it somehow. But this time the karma police messed up, and for telling this outrageous lie; I have been rewarded – with love, health, and peace of mind. And now I have stumbled upon a catchy title for this post: 

Top 3 reasons to become vegan: love, health and peace of mind.

The number one reason to become vegan is love. That is what motivated me; let it motivate you as well. Love for self, others, and the planet. Follow your heart.

Love should be the only reason you need, but if you are unconvinced, what about your health? Looking at it from a selfish perspective, I am healthier now than I have ever been, and I’m old. By healthy, I don’t just mean that I get colds less frequently; I mean that I am more vital, and everything works amazingly well – sorry Pfizer.

The last reason is peace of mind. We act like there is nothing weird about consuming flesh and wearing skin, but that’s because we are disassociated from it. If we focused on what we were actually doing, then we wouldn’t do it. Sure, there are justifications and rationalization for killing animals, but it feels so good not to.

Try it.

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